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The highlights of a drunk-off-my-ass IM conversation

Juggalo82421: why doesn't your work serve spagetti Os?
xSpasticxColonx: becuase we are cheap communist bastards I tell you

xSpasticxColonx: I don't remember how I got home
xSpasticxColonx: I'm so home
xSpasticxColonx: so totally home
Juggalo82421: you flew
xSpasticxColonx: I must have
xSpasticxColonx: because I saw a giant truck
Juggalo82421: everything's giant to you
xSpasticxColonx: you're so gay, you probaby think this dick is inside you, don't you, don't
xSpasticxColonx: not that girl who was drunker then I wa
xSpasticxColonx: s
xSpasticxColonx: she was shorter then me...I know this because I leaned on her head
xSpasticxColonx: and fell over
Juggalo82421: lol
xSpasticxColonx: she's so short
xSpasticxColonx: she ate at the golden arches
xSpasticxColonx: I didn't
Juggalo82421: santa clause is coming to rape you
xSpasticxColonx: oh not again
xSpasticxColonx: AHHH
xSpasticxColonx: santa clause has a pussy
xSpasticxColonx: when he masturbates, he impregnates himself and 5 others
xSpasticxColonx: hehehehe
Juggalo82421: lol
xSpasticxColonx: I found the 5 key...HERE I AM HERE I AM
xSpasticxColonx: hay...when did I stop eatting the napkind?
xSpasticxColonx: hmmmmm
xSpasticxColonx: mooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
xSpasticxColonx: mooo hoooo
xSpasticxColonx: heheheh
Juggalo82421: 8000000 minutes ago
xSpasticxColonx: happy birthday to you
xSpasticxColonx: oh yea....
Juggalo82421: what sound does a turtle make?
xSpasticxColonx: really? that sucks...I want more crunch napkin
xSpasticxColonx: MORE I SAY
xSpasticxColonx: it goes ice cream man
xSpasticxColonx: happy birthday to you
xSpasticxColonx: happy birthday Puff the Magic Dragon
xSpasticxColonx: happy birthday to you
xSpasticxColonx: and many more, from channel four
xSpasticxColonx: and many less from CBS
xSpasticxColonx: hehehe
xSpasticxColonx: Turtles to FUCK ME
xSpasticxColonx: hehehe horney turtle bastards
Juggalo82421: turtles fuck you?
xSpasticxColonx: they can
xSpasticxColonx: hard shell
Juggalo82421: have they
Juggalo82421: ?
xSpasticxColonx: suuuuuure
xSpasticxColonx: mr.turtle man uses the can
xSpasticxColonx: every night of his life
xSpasticxColonx: I remember I was in a corner at one point
xSpasticxColonx: I don' tknow why
Juggalo82421: what about the guy with the big eyebrows
xSpasticxColonx: HEHEHEHEHHEE
xSpasticxColonx: I sang happy birthday to him
xSpasticxColonx: he's my special friend
xSpasticxColonx: we had a picknic in the woods
Juggalo82421: define special
xSpasticxColonx: uggg his eye brows were very special
xSpasticxColonx: very verry special
xSpasticxColonx: spededecial
xSpasticxColonx: heheh he's a CMU sped
xSpasticxColonx: heheheh
xSpasticxColonx: ohhhh
xSpasticxColonx: speds are my friends
xSpasticxColonx: someday I'll eat ice cream
xSpasticxColonx: more then anyone else
xSpasticxColonx: in the world
xSpasticxColonx: yea
xSpasticxColonx: off his eyebrows
Juggalo82421: no you won't
xSpasticxColonx: yes I will
Juggalo82421: you'll never eat ice cream again!
xSpasticxColonx: I'll show you and all of you other non believers
xSpasticxColonx: damn you, crushing my hopes and dreams
xSpasticxColonx: all for your little pinky toe
xSpasticxColonx: ohhh if only we had steal
xSpasticxColonx: steel...yea....steel
Juggalo82421: no, it will just be cottage cheese
xSpasticxColonx: hay, FREE OJ
xSpasticxColonx: I like putting ice cream in cottage cheese, ever tast that?
xSpasticxColonx: really good
xSpasticxColonx: Hammy threatened never to eat with me again though
xSpasticxColonx: after that
xSpasticxColonx: it sucked
xSpasticxColonx: sort of
xSpasticxColonx: I had the whole table to myself
xSpasticxColonx: hehehehe
xSpasticxColonx: I kick at you
xSpasticxColonx: hehehe
xSpasticxColonx: just like that
xSpasticxColonx: ohhh teh computer it doing loopdie loops
Juggalo82421: i'll kill you
xSpasticxColonx: damn
xSpasticxColonx: not agai
xSpasticxColonx: killing me softly, with his song
xSpasticxColonx: hehehe
xSpasticxColonx: or something
xSpasticxColonx: like that
xSpasticxColonx: I need to buy socks
xSpasticxColonx: right now....
xSpasticxColonx: yea
xSpasticxColonx: I'm leaving to buy socks
xSpasticxColonx: maybe after I can walk straight
xSpasticxColonx: then I'll buy socks
xSpasticxColonx: and put ice cream in them
xSpasticxColonx: lots of it
xSpasticxColonx: hmmmm
Juggalo82421: but you can't
xSpasticxColonx: sure I can
xSpasticxColonx: you just watch
xSpasticxColonx: hmmm I don't have my watch
xSpasticxColonx: that sucks
xSpasticxColonx: it's in my flower pot
xSpasticxColonx: hmmmm pot
xSpasticxColonx: heheheh look at the time...time is funny
Juggalo82421: don't mind if i don't talk, just keep rambling
xSpasticxColonx: heheh why?
xSpasticxColonx: what are you doing
Juggalo82421: i'm laughing my ass off because your drunk
xSpasticxColonx: heheheh
xSpasticxColonx: don't laugh!!! that's not nice
xSpasticxColonx: ahhhhhh
xSpasticxColonx: there's a place in france called Nice
xSpasticxColonx: or something
xSpasticxColonx: it's nice there NO IT ISN"T
xSpasticxColonx: IT'S A TOURIST TRAP
xSpasticxColonx: ahhh
xSpasticxColonx: deck the halls because you can
xSpasticxColonx: falalalala allalal
xSpasticxColonx: ahh?
xSpasticxColonx: why is no one on!! It's Saturdya
xSpasticxColonx: hehehe
xSpasticxColonx: Joe's on his period today
Juggalo82421: it's 323am
xSpasticxColonx: I like those numbers
Juggalo82421: no, that's tomorrow
xSpasticxColonx: heheheh
xSpasticxColonx: hu?
xSpasticxColonx: what the fuck?
Juggalo82421: wha?
Juggalo82421: who?
xSpasticxColonx: take my breath away
xSpasticxColonx: or something
xSpasticxColonx: ahhhh
xSpasticxColonx: lalallaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
xSpasticxColonx: head..pain...head cruncht
xSpasticxColonx: like chicken
xSpasticxColonx: cheicken ice cream
xSpasticxColonx: hmmmm
Juggalo82421: lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalaallala
xSpasticxColonx: I'm the diabetic sympathetic, prostetic old man on roller blades
xSpasticxColonx: heheheh
xSpasticxColonx: when you're shot int he head, you really don't feel like roller skating
xSpasticxColonx: at least I don't
Juggalo82421: semi-twoh sei-vom
xSpasticxColonx: ohhhhh now the room is going up and down
xSpasticxColonx: how did that happen?
xSpasticxColonx: ohh maybe I should sleep
xSpasticxColonx: or something
xSpasticxColonx: ahhh
Juggalo82421: now fly away puck!
xSpasticxColonx: hehehe the gentle fuck
xSpasticxColonx: the guy's tongue tasted like pure beer
xSpasticxColonx: it was aweful
xSpasticxColonx: he needed a tick tak
xSpasticxColonx: paddy wack
xSpasticxColonx: hehehehe
xSpasticxColonx: beep
xSpasticxColonx: peeb
xSpasticxColonx: heheheh
Juggalo82421: give the dog your bone
xSpasticxColonx: hehehe BONE
xSpasticxColonx: you said bone *immature laughter*
xSpasticxColonx: ohhh fuck I still have to keep a dream journal for psyche class
xSpasticxColonx: ohhh fuck
xSpasticxColonx: this will be interesting
xSpasticxColonx: my hip bone's connected to...uhhh.....my cheek bone
Juggalo82421: and your cheek bone's connected to...
xSpasticxColonx: tell Pat to do my laundry
xSpasticxColonx: ass bone!!
Juggalo82421: will do
Juggalo82421: is pat a cheeky monkey?
xSpasticxColonx: my clothes smell like beer because people kept running into me
xSpasticxColonx: sure why not
xSpasticxColonx: he's my laundry bitch
xSpasticxColonx: hehehehe
Juggalo82421: i feel bad for dirt
xSpasticxColonx: so do I
xSpasticxColonx: I should kiss more dirt
xSpasticxColonx: though, I think I did enough of that tonight
xSpasticxColonx: ohhh yea
xSpasticxColonx: uggg I'm dizzy and taste half eatten pizza and beer
Juggalo82421: what about the napkin?
xSpasticxColonx: I think I ate itall
xSpasticxColonx: hmmm all it's crunch goodness
xSpasticxColonx: was it cruncfy? soethign way
xSpasticxColonx: uggg maybe I should lie down
Juggalo82421: no, don't!
Juggalo82421: you'll die!
xSpasticxColonx: why?
xSpasticxColonx: oh...not again
xSpasticxColonx: I'm like turning to the right...but I"m facing forward
xSpasticxColonx: allll
xSpasticxColonx: ahhdk
xSpasticxColonx: I'm still going...ang going
Juggalo82421: lol
xSpasticxColonx: I am
xSpasticxColonx: fuck
xSpasticxColonx: ahh
xSpasticxColonx: shit
xSpasticxColonx: Shanon's done fo rthe night
Juggalo82421: why?
Juggalo82421: i was just getting started
xSpasticxColonx: because shsannon's going to voit or somethin
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