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nothing dont read this, eat shit and die

hello i like pop tarts. i do drugs. i like being random.
people use children as slave labor
steal everything not on fire
living in oblivion
one day im going to go crazy and attack the icecream truck lady
damn her jingle, sometimes she plays 'its a small world'
a girl tries to sit naked tripping face contemplating death
when itomes, circling the block, endlessly circling the block
my favorite song just came on life is an orgasm
i wanna be sedated
do something stimulate me
always looking for new friends,
add polaroid42 maybe instead of lemorri
i write a lot on lemorri, polaroid42 is overflow
i do drugs and write
ill add you as a friend even if you suck
im eating fig newtons
have a bad day and a wonderful night
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