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Rory Culkin...

I'm eatin a poptart right now and I just found this community so blarg fargensteinfeldman mchuddlefish. Sayanara Jesus, and the fish you rode in on. My favorites are brown sugar cinnamon. I used to not be able to say cinnamon - well, that's not true. I could, but I would tell people I couldn't. However, when I would tell them I couldn't, I would say it perfectly fine and then be extactic and impressed with myself that I did it. Sometimes I wouldn't say anything and see if they noticed. Some people are just strange. I wish my poptart was a lithium brown sugar cinnamon one. I wish i could say the word lithium. I wish i could say the word cinnamon. Shannyn Sossamon is hot. Praise Allah, amen.
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